Aug 24, 2014

Santa Singh with Chitragupt funny

funny Santa Singh with Chitragupt

Chitragupt's  Problem :

One day Chitragupt told Brahma that he should  stop this scheme that if ladies keep Karva Chauth
they will get the same husband for the next 7  janams.
Brahma asked :
” Why ”
Chitragupt :
'' Prabhu, it's becoming difficult to manage.
The ladies want the same husband and
The husbands want a new wife.
Its A Problem To convince  both.......”

Brahma :
'' But this can’t be stopped.
It’s been going on since times Immemorial......”

Just then Narad Muni comes and he suggested :
” On earth there is a great person called Santa Singh.
Ask him for a Solution........”
Chitragupt  meets Santa Singh
In one minute Santa Singh solves the Problem :
He Advised Chitragupt :
”Any lady who wants the same husband
Tell her she will also get the same
MOTHER  IN  LAW...... "

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